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Exercise 1: Articles

Exercise 1: Articles


Insert "a" "the" or "x" in the blank spaces.

Christmas is ___ feast of ___ birth of JESUS CHRIST, celebrated on ___ December 25. Early Christians regarded ___ birth of ___ Jesus as ___ significant moment, important for ___ understanding of his person. However, ___ church did not observe ___ festival for ___ celebration of ___ birth event until ___ 4th century. In ___ last century or so ___ Christmas has taken on ___ more commercial rather than ___ religious tone. Nowadays, ___ Christmas season starts in ___ November and stresses ___ purchase and giving of gifts. Department stores and retailers expect to make ___ big sales during this period. Many popular Christmas icons include ___ Santa Claus, ___ snowmen, and Christmas trees. Many people enjoy ___ Christmas celebration and think of it as ___ time for being with family and thoughts of peace on Earth and ___ good will towards their fellow man.

Exercise 2: Comparisons

John and Mary are trying to find a Christmas present for their friend.

Fill in the blanks with the correct comparative.

John: What do you want to get her?

Mary: I want to buy her a silk scarf.

John: What color does she like?

Mary: She like green and blue.

John: This green one is nice.

Mary: I like the blue one ______ (good) than the green one.

John: But the blue one is ________ (expensive) than the green one.

Mary: Yes, and itís ______ (long) too.

John: I think the style of the green one is ______ (attractive).

Mary: The green one is _____ (cheap) because it isnít made of silk.

John: Okay, I guess sheíll be ______ (happy) with the blue scarf.