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Here are some pictures of Soyoko and me!

Soyoko and Jimmy


Soyoko and I met in May 1998 and quickly fell in love. We met through a personals ad. in a free magazine called Tokyo Classified. It was my ad, by the way, and she responded. On our first date we had dinner (Japanese soba) and afterward we ate ice cream. The rest is history. We married in May 1999 after living together for about 9 months. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Cabin Fiji Sunset Michael & Toshiko's wedding San Francisco After a few drinks Meet the Inlaws Shangri La, Fiji On the beach in Fiji Autumn leaves With Ivan Soyoko and Kathy With Kerry In Gifu

The first picture was a self-timer shot taken at our family cabin in Cazadero, Ca (Sonoma County) on Jan 1, 1999. Next is a Fijian Sunset taken during our honeymoon last year. The third was taken last April at the wedding of my friends Michael and Toshiko, in Gifu City. Next, a Jan. 1999 trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. The fifth picture was taken at a party at a Japanese izakaya(bar/restaurant) in Oct. 1998 in Akabane, Tokyo. Next is a picture of Soyoko's family and me. On the far left is my father-in-law, on the far right is my mother-in-law (next to Soyoko). Others include Soyoko's sister and brother-in-law and some uncles and aunts. The next one is of Soyoko relaxing on the beach with a cool drink. Another honeymoon picture taken at Mokushigas resort (a tiny island) in Fiji. Then comes a picture taken in Nov. 1998 on a trip to Nasu (several hours north of Tokyo by train). We enjoyed the beautiful colors of Fall. The next shot is of Soyoko and I with my friend Ivan. I've known Ivan Berry since junior high school (almost 30 years) and he is one of my closest friends, even if he doesn't return e-mails. Next is a picture taken on Christmas eve of Soyoko and my sister Kathy. We had a wonderful visit to San Jose, Ca. for the holidays in 1998. Next is a shot with my friend Kerry Bliss. I've known Kerry for more than 10 years and he always impresses me with his enthusiasm and wonderful outlook on life. Last, is another picture taken in Gifu (near Nagoya), after the wedding.

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Last Updated: October 18, 2001